LexieLite 5" Frame Kit

LexieLite Frame je ultralehký 5" quad. Tento rám udržuje vkus na minimum, a to je dobrá věc, je kladen důraz na jednoduchou použitelnost a lehké konstrukce. Uhlík je velmi tvrdý a je řezán směrem k ramenům, aby maximalizoval tuhost.

1 350 Kč

The LexieLite Frame is an ultra-light 5" quad - perfect to hold any micro camera and house short stacks up to 25mm with included spacers. This frame keeps flair to a minimum, and that's a good thing, all the focus is on simple usability and lightweight design. The carbon is super tough and is cut directionally on the arms to maximize stiffness.

Here are some 3D files of various mounts if you'd like to print some yourself!


  • Propeller size: up to 5.3 inch
  • Camera: micro’s from 40-60°
  • Motor to motor: 210mm
  • Flight controller: 30.5mm and 20mm hole pattern
  • Stack space: adjustable by spacers (standard: 25mm space)
  • Motor: 16x19mm screw pattern
  • Screws: stainless steel torx t10
  • Space for capacitor
  • Strain relief for lipo cable
  • Extremely tight for micro cameras and low stacks up to 2 levels
  • Top plate with integrated M3 holes
  • Carbon cut for extra stiffness


  • 4x 5mm arms
  • 1x 2mm top, 1x 3mm bottom plate
  • 4x 20mm aluminum standoffs
  • 4x stainless steel nuts 
  • 4x spring rings 
  • 1x stainless steel torx t10 hardware kit
  • 1x 250mm lipo strap with metal buckle
  • 1x lipo pad
  • 2x sticker
Jméno značky: Skull and Drones
Kategorie: Rámy
velikost: 5"

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